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DEEPEST Open Circuit SCUBA DIVE = 330mOpen Circuit Scuba World Depth Record: 330m

Pascal Bernabé : 330m
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 Propriano, Corsica.

Just a few weeks after Nuno Gomes set the new deep diving record of 318.25 meters (*318,25 is still the Official Guiness Record), Pascal Bernabe claimed to have reached 330 meters on open circuit scuba in the Mediterranean Sea.

He descended down to 330 in 10 minutes but it took 8 hours & 49min to resurface.


Nuno Gomes - World's Deepest Open Circuit Record - *(Proved) 318.25m (without rope stretch ) * OFFICIAL GUINNESS RECORD...

Guinness apparently no longer publishes Deepest Scuba Records ??

Friday 10 June 2005 Dahab, Egypt - Red Sea - 06:11

Guinness World Record - Deepest Scuba Dive

New depth record confirmed at 318.25m (321.81m if rope stretch is calculated) - Using a Poseidon Regulator - congratulations to Nuno and the team.


Pictures by © Sean French a member of Nuno's record breaking dive team.

More pictures here...>>

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SA man sets record for world's deepest dive June 13, 2005

By Jonathan Ancer - supremo Nuno Gomes is the world's deepest diver. On Friday, after 12 hours and 20 minutes in the Red Sea, Gomes surfaced with a new world record under his belt. Official measurements revealed that he had reached a depth
of 318.25m.

Gomes, a 52-year-old engineer, had reached a depth that was the equivalent of the length of the Eiffel Tower - including the aerial at the top.

Although Gomes had planned to go to 320m, his 318.25m plunge was still enough to beat the record of 313m, claimed by Mark Ellyatt in Thailand in 2003.

Nuno's taking a deep plunge - The Star Newspaper Jonathan Ancer
June 03 2005 at 12:38PM

+ DEEPEST CAVE DIVE ( Official Guinness Record ) Nuno Gomes = 282.6m

DEEPEST SCUBA DIVE by a Woman = 221m

Verna Van Schaik breaks world open circuit scuba diving record for women... - 221m

October 2004

Verna van Schaik from Gauteng, South Africa set a new world deep diving scuba record for women by diving to a depth of 221 meters at Boesmansgat, which also gives her the record for the deepest cave dive and the deepest altitude dive by a woman.

Van Schaick descended to 221 metres in 12 minutes - it then took her five hours and 27 minutes to surface.


David (Dave) Shaw 270m on a rebreather!!

28th October 2004

Depth: 270m
World Records Broken:

Depth on a rebreather
Depth in a cave on a rebreather
Depth at altitude on a rebreather
Depth running a line

Rebreather: Mk 15.5 with Hammerhead Electronics
Cave: Boesmansgat (Bushman’s Cave), South Africa
Cave Elevation: 1550m
Dive Duration: 9:40
Diluents: 4/80, 10/70, 15/55, 17/40, 26/25, 50%, 100%, Air

In Memory of Dave Shaw

Raising the Dead

Dave Shaw died (tragically) on Jan 8 2005 trying to recover the body of Deon Dreyer that he first discovered while making this record breaking dive.

The story of this remarkable dive and this remarkable man amongst men is well documented in the book Raising the Dead by Philip Finch.

Dave, though many will think was it a waste of a life and utterly stupid - we salute you for a life well lived...

Better to have died living, than just living to die one day anyway.

Dave Shaw after his record breaking dive in Boesmansgat - Bushman's Cave South Africa - picture from



'Salt Water' Endurance Record 82,5h uShaka Marine World Durban South Africa -

Dec 2004

Johan Beukes has just completed 82,5 Hours underwater in the uShaka Marine World Aquarium

Johan joined the Special Forces in 1982 and started scuba diving in 1984 with them.

In 1988 Johan became a PADI scuba diver in Los Angeles, California. During this time he owned and managed a scuba dive and salvage operation called Warlock Divers in San Pedro, California.

Johan was the CEO of ATDI (Associated Technical Dive Instructors) and also a PADI MSTD (Master Scuba Diver Trainer). He was also a IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver.

Johan was also the lead diver for the Deeptec Dive Team.

In Memory

We have just heard that Johan Beukes passed away this weekend. He was in hospital - non diving related. Johan you will be missed

22 September 2009



Herbert Nitsch, Austria, NEW WORLD RECORD 214 meter in No Limit - Well Done Herbert!

Herbert Nitsch, Austria, with his dad, Gerard after THE dive NEW WORLD RECORD 214 meter in No Limit

New World Record by Herbert Nitsch, Austria in the AIDA sled discipline No Limit, 214meter/702feet is the new record. With this dive Herbert confirm that he is the deepest man ever on this planet. The dive was a fantastic 29 meter deeper than his previous record of 185m. The record took place on Spetses, Greece.

The dive was monitored by 3 SUUNTO Dive Computers that gives us an estimate of the dive profile, and you can download the dive profile here. The dive was also monitored by two Liquivision dive computers, F1 - but unfortunately they both broke down before reaching 200m.

Deepest woman wreck diver: Nina Preisner

Another New World Record at Ocean Tec : 01-05-07

On Mayday, 2007, Ocean Tecs instructor Nina Preisner set a new world record. At 13.40 local time, she became the deepest woman wreck diver on open circuit scuba, having glided comfortably down through the blue to settle on the bow of the Jolanda at a depth of 159.8 metres. Carrying 6 tanks of various breathing gasses and accompanied by Oceans' Deepest Angel, Neil Black, she spent 4 minutes on the sunken deck of the stricken vessel during a dive that lasted 157 minutes, most of which was spent decompressing.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, however, and the months building up to this final, record breaking dive were fraught with problems obtaining equipment, permissions, insurances and all the assurances that are necessary when attempting such a feat. Assembling an elite support team of ‘Oceans Angels’ Tec divers, sourcing the specialist equipment required, having a hyperbaric emergency medical unit a mere 15 minutes away by fast RIB, and finding a video camera capable of recording at such depths are possible only in somewhere like Sharm El Sheikh. The local Tec diving community banded together in her support and finally all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Tec support divers from all over the world, some flying in especially for this project, trained and worked alongside local Tec divers and emergency medical facilities, all bonded by their love of exotic, expensive gasses and the mysteries of the deep, deep blue sea.

The Jolanda 160 Project aimed to complete a safe and successful dive to a depth of 160 metres on the wreckage of the Yolanda, while securing the 'Women’s Deepest Wreck Dive World Record', previously held by Adina Ochert with a dive to 144 metres on CCR.

Nina Preisner, is a TDI technical Instructor working full-time in Sharm el Sheikh. Three years ago Nina took a career break from law and moved to Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt, to pursue her love of diving. She has yet to return to her original career!

Well Done Nina!!



Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews

205 metres - 9-12-05

Well Done Leigh and Mark!!

Two British technical divers have broken the world record for the deepest wreck dive at 205m in the Egyptian Red Sea in December. Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews descended to the stern of the Yolanda, a wreck they recently discovered on a shelf south of Yolanda Reef in Ras Mohamed National Park.

Maximum depth :205 metres

Total dive run time: 205 minutes

Time on the wreck: 6 minutes

7 / 66 Bottom mix

16 / 43 Intermediate Trimix

52/ 15 Hyperoxic travel / lean deco. gas

80% EANx deco. gas

The record-breaking divers spent six minutes at a maximum depth of 205m on the wreck, clocking up a total dive time of three hours and 40 minutes. They each used various complex nitrox and trimix mixes in more than five cylinders to complete the dive.

Cunningham and Andrews first discovered the forward section of the Yolanda wreck in May 2005 at a depth of 145m. Most of the top half the wreck was buried in sand and lay on a 45-degree slope, according to the pair.

The12-man support team was headed by Ocean Technical College in Sharm El Sheikh and was made up of technical divers from dive centres throughout the region. Sharm Search and Rescue stood by on the surface.

Cunningham, an instructor trainer at Ocean College, and Andrews, a technical director at the London School of Diving, had trained together for a 300m scuba depth record in 2003. However, the attempt was shelved on health grounds.

New deep wreck diving world record is 193 meters

31 May 2005

A nine-man technical diver team has set a new deep wreck scuba diving world record of 193 meters (633 feet).

Lead diver Rob Lalumiere reached the deck of the USS Cooper at 8:22am, seven minutes after starting his descent, and placed a memorial plaque on the shipwreck to honor the 191 officers and crew who went down with the ship when it was torpedoed by the Japanese during the Battle of Ormoc Bay on December 3, 1944.

750 divers break world record off Koh Tao coast


Thailand broke the world record for the largest mass dive yesterday when 750 scuba divers took part in an event off the coast of Koh Tao, an event which the provincial authority hopes will put the southern island firmly on the world diving map.

Over 10,000 tourists flocked to the island yesterday to witness the event, which was promoted by the Koh Tao Diving Association and local administrative authorities.

The 750 divers had gathered from Thailand and around the world to participate the event, which marks the biggest mass dive on record, breaking the record previously achieved by Australia two years ago when 590 scuba divers gathered for a similar event.

Mr. Wichit Srisang, head of the Koh Tao Diving Association, expressed confidence that the event would help turn the island into one of the world’s most important diving locations.

Although included in yesterday’s event were a ‘Miss Dive Shop’ contest, longboat races and demonstrations from the Royal Thai Navy. (TNA)--E006

World?s Youngest Master Scuba Diver

Monday Jan 5, 2004 @ 09:03 by Stephan Whelan

On 4th January 2004, Charles Jessop (12) became the youngest ever diver in the English speaking world to qualify as a Master Scuba Diver.

On his 12th birthday in January 2004, he started a rescue scuba course with Jack’s Diving Locker, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This programme equips him to assist another diver in difficulty. By completing it, he fulfilled the final requirement to become a Master Scuba Diver – the highest level of qualification awarded by PADI, the world’s leading scuba certification agency, to non-professional divers.

He started snorkelling at the age of seven and soon progressed to scuba diving, though restricted by his age to swimming pools and shallow bays. He spent the morning of his tenth birthday learning scuba diving skills in a swimming pool and the afternoon taking theory exams. Two days later, after four training dives from a boat off the Kona Coast of Hawaii, he was certified as a diver. Though restricted to depths of 40 feet, he was tested to the same high standards as an adult.

After completing the scuba course, Charles said:

“I’ve seen loads in two years – sharks in a feeding frenzy, wrecked boats, a massive whale shark, turtles and millions of fish both large and small. I’ve had 12 foot wide manta rays swim inches over my head. Scuba diving is a lot of fun – though the PADI Rescue Diver course was hard work. I’m looking forward to lots more diving now.”


Latest News : 20 April 2010

190m Deepest Scuba Dive by a Woman in the Sea?

Sofia Ponce has achieved the incredible feat of 190m in the ocean. The 22 year old Mexican reached this depth on the 20 of April 2010

She used 5 gases, trimix 7/67, trimix 10/50, air, nitrox32, nitrox50, nitrox80, divided in 7 tanks, all carried by the diver ( full autonomy )

Her descent time was 9 minutes and her ascent time was 135 minutes. It is a Mexican National record and it might be a world record in saltwater for women, as Verna Van Schaik reached 221m, the current World Record for women in fresh water.

Sofia Ponce - Deepest Woman in Salt Water




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