How to Get PADI Certified

Scuba diving is a great sport but it does require a fair bit of specialized scuba equipment.  Before you start diving you need to know how to use that equipment and be certified in its use.  Going diving before you know how to, is both irresponsible and dangerous.  When you are underwater that isn’t the time to try and figure out your equipment or to make mistakes.  Certification isn’t that difficult but if you’re unsure how to get PADI certified then let us show you how.

Getting Started

First things first, you are going to need to be a half decent swimmer.  If you are not a strong swimmer then practice or take some lessons before you move onto scuba diving.  The average certification course will require you to be able to swim at least 200 yards.  It doesn’t matter the type of stroke, you are also going to need to be able to tread water for at least 10 minutes.  Scuba diving isn’t necessarily physically challenging but you want to be in good overall health before you start to dive.  Never dive if you have a cold, allergies or the flu, you can end up with a burst eardrum.

Finding a Class

If you are planning on scuba diving for the first time while on vacation then you will probably want to get certified before you go.  To find a course you can ask some family and friends who are PADI certified where they took their courses or even try your local YMCA.  Find out everything that the course will teach you and always make sure that your instructor is certified to teach scuba diving classes.  You want the best course possible, while your diving safety is important and the more you learned in class the better off you will be.

Getting Your Certification

Once you find a diving school that can get your PADI certification you are ready to start diving.  The certification is recognized all over the world and book diving trips.  You may come across courses that will teach you how to dive but without the PADI certification, give those classes a pass.  While you may learn how to dive safely you won’t get the certification that you need to dive around the world.

Practice your skills as often as you can before you actually dive for the first time, if at any time you don’t feel safe then give the dive a pass.  You want to be completely comfortable with your abilities before you head into the water.

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